Yes I offer custom tattoos
Yes I offer custom tattoos
Yes I offer colour tattoos
Yes I offer colour tattoos

Often asked questions and their answers.

What is your specialty?
My specialty is nature and fantasy artwork, but I enjoy creating all different kinds of art.

Do you offer colour tattoos?
Yes, I offer tattoos in colour. I also offer black outlines, and black with shading. For an additional cost, I can add colour, or merge/tweak my pre-made flash designs.

Do you offer custom tattoos?
Yes. Looking for a one-of-a-kind custom tattoo? I got you! I love working with clients to bring their dream tattoo to life.

Do you have repeatable pre-made tattoo flash?
Yes. Stuck on ideas for a tattoo? No worries, I have lots of premade, repeatable flash designs to choose from. My flash designs are available year-round. You can view and pick from them here.

How do I apply for a tattoo?
For both custom and premade flash tattoos, clients simply need to go to this page, read all the information, answer the questions, then fill out and submit the application form found at the bottom of that page. I will reply as soon as possible. Once someone is an existing client, they simply need to follow up with the last email sent and include the new information about their desired tattoo.

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